Banda Nueva Dinastía de Zoochila was formed in 2001 through the efforts of two brothers, Porfirio and Moises Hernandez, of kids between the ages of 5-14. The purpose of forming this band was twofold: to keep the kids away from the gangs and violence of their local neighborhoods and to teach them about the music and culture of their native village in Oaxaca. After three years of learning music, Banda Nueva Dinastía made its gran debut on May 22, 2004.

Since their debut, Banda Nueva Dinastía has participated and performed in numerous events throughout Southern California. In July of 2006, Banda Nueva Dinastía travelled to its native village of Santiago Zoochila, Oaxaca to participate in the village’s yearly festivities. This was a great accomplishment for the band as it was the first time and LA-based band accomplished such project.

Banda Nueva Dinastía released an album in 2011 titled “Zoochila Vive en Mi Corazon” featuring traditional songs from Oaxaca. Banda Nueva Dinastía returned again to its village of Santiago Zoochila, Oaxaca in July 2009 and just recently in July 2016. Today, Banda Nueva Dinastía is in it’s fifth generation of musicians and continues to grow both musically and culturally.